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Shine Winslow, Shine! 

‘Let your light shine’ is the new message being shared at Winslow Church of England Combined School. And on Friday 12th January 2018, Bishop Alan of Buckingham, visited the school to speak on the theme at a special service attended by pupils, staff, and parents. The choir of St Laurence Church led by Derry French, their music director, also added their voice to the celebration.

Two of the pupils taking part, Maisie Kingham (year 5) and Florence Jowers (year 4), designed the winning bookmarks, reflecting the school’s new theme: ‘Let your light shine ‘. These were blessed by the Bishop during the service and then handed out  to all pupils, members of staff and governors at the school. Special thanks were given to Waddesdon CE School, for its help in producing the bookmarks, and to Rev Andrew Lightbown, vicar of St Laurence Church, for setting up the Chaplaincy which had funded their production and which continued to support the school so generously.

Cazz Colmer, head teacher of Winslow C of E Combined School said; ‘We are a school that is rated good by Ofsted and our inclusive Christian ethos welcomes all children age 3-11. Each child is unique, reflecting some of God’s light every day in what they do and on those they meet. Each one will find excitement, discovery, warmth and friendship here in the glow of that light - these bookmark designs are just one example of our pupils flourishing as individuals and engaging with each other. Such light dispels all kinds of darkness, bringing clarity, hope and purpose to our school and to the local community’

 let your light shine

Snow Playtime - Tuesday 12th December 2017

After being closed on Monday the children were thrilled to have an opportunity to play on the untouched snow of the large field on Tuesday afternoon.  All children who had suitable footwear were given a long part of the afternoon to explore, play and have fun, without the worry of being cold or wet for any of the school day.  

 snow play 1     



Year 4 Greek Day!


On the 15th November 2017, Year 4 took part in a Ancient Greek themed day. Over the last few days we had been looking at traditional Greek myths such as: Theseus and the Minotaur and Perseus and Medusa. On the day, we planned our own Greek myth including a mythical creature we had previously created. We thought about: a hero and heroine, a problem or a quest, special objects and Gods or Goddesses that could feature.


During the afternoon, we had a visit from Dr Newbury talking to us all about the Ancient Greek language. We looked closely at the Ancient Greek alphabet and identified the letters that were missing. Then, we used the alphabet to de-code words and numbers. Also, she talked to us about school life including the lessons they were taught and what their school was like.


Following this, we experienced traditional Ancient Greek food. We tasted 6 different items. These were: Olives, Olive Oil, Pitta Bread, Figs, Grape Juice and Feta Cheese. In pairs, we discussed each item of food and shared our opinions in a comparison chart.


Here are some photos from our exciting day!