What Our Children Think

Some of our children were asked about their time at Winslow…

"The teachers all encourage the pupils to be the best that we can be...Winslow School gives great opportunities on school trips such as Woodrow and Kingswood...science days were one of my favourite  parts of the education I had at Winslow."

"All the teachers have faith in you...all the lessons are challenging or crammed full of fun...I always feel safe and happy."

"From FS1 to Y6, it's a journey of a lifetime, both inspiring and exciting. We are a lovely community, who never gives up, doors are always open." 

"We are so lucky here at Winslow, we have so many brilliant facilities. All the teachers are very supportive and enthusiastic." 

"All the way through this school I have accomplished a target every day and I couldn't be happier; from full stops to semi-colons, I will always love this school." 

"The expectations are high but every teacher helps you. It is a superb school with more than average playing area, with a swimming pool." 

"I've had a goal since I started school, never give up and the teachers have helped me achieve that goal throughout the years."