Be Involved

Ways Parents / Carers can be involved in school

We are always keen for you to take an active part in your child’s school life. Here are some of the ways you can be involved with our school:

  • Attending parent / teacher consultation evenings.
  • Communicating with class teachers if there is something you want to know or are concerned about.
  • Volunteering to support in classrooms by hearing children read, supporting on school trips or during practical curriculum work, for example art and design, design technology and science sessions.
  • Support the school’s PTA, by supporting the organisation of events, or helping out as and when you can, as well as attending PTA run events throughout the year.
  • Attending school productions.
  • Complete and return annual questionnaires that seek your views about our school.
  • Attend our annual open day events where you can see the school in operation.
  • Attend our annual parent / carer information workshops (maths, phonics, etc.)

Ways to have a Parent / Carer Voice

Your views are always important to us. Here are some of the ways you can communicate with us, either to ask a question, tell us we are doing something right or that we could do something better:

  • Speak to your child’s class teacher, as they are usually best placed to be able to answer your specific queries.
  • Parent / teacher consultations.
  • Ask to speak to the relevant senior member of staff: FS2→Y2 Mrs Thomas (Assistant Headteacher); Y3→4 Mr Wright (Team Leader); Y5→Y6 Mrs Epps (Assistant Headteacher).
  • Mrs Colmer(HT) is available most mornings before registration and at home time, so please do make contact if there is something you would like to discuss. 
  • Make an appointment via the school office to speak to any member of staff.