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 Winslow Church of England School Logo

Here at Winslow Church of England School,  the rainbow logo is an expression of God’s promise to us, but also an image of how each one of us reflects that love as we let our light shine, showing care and respect to everyone.  Our desire is to build a meaningful sense of community within the school, but also to help the children look outwards, to understand and appreciate their place in a richly diverse world.

School should be a place of exciting discovery and opportunity, where all children flourish, are nurtured and inspired in their learning journey. All of us: staff, parents, carers, and governors, can make a real difference to the lives of the children at Winslow Church of England School as we work together to achieve outstanding outcomes for all.

Our School Values, created by the pupils, demonstrate what this means for us each day:   

  • We are kind

  • We say sorry and we forgive

  • We are thoughtful

  • We listen

  • We care

  • We share

  • We are honest

  • We are respectful

  • We try our best

  • We love to learn!

Mrs Colmer

Head Teacher

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