‘Let Your Light Shine’ is our desire for every child who is part of Winslow Church of England School. We believe that each child is unique and is a gift to us all, simply because of who they are and not just because of what they can do. The children have designed two bookmarks reflecting this Bible verse from Matthew 5:16.

Our Bishop, Steven, has shared his vision for 2017, calling us to be more Christ-like and pointing us to the Beatitudes, which come just before our chosen verse. He captures the meaning of this beautiful passage in three words: contemplative, compassionate and courageous, and challenges us to consider what these words teach us about Jesus, and what they tell us about being human in the 21st century.

At Winslow Church of England School we have introduced an age appropriate version of these 3 Cs, challenging ourselves to be considerate, caring and courageous. In everything we do, and in all that we are, we seek to be a place where our children flourish and where staff, parents and governors work effectively in partnership.  Our School Values, created by the pupils, demonstrate further what this means for us each day:

  • We are kind

  • We say sorry and we forgive

  • We are thoughtful

  • We listen

  • We care

  • We share

  • We are honest

  • We are respectful

  • We try our best

  • We love to learn!

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